About Us

Me: I'm fifteen, and I live in the country with my family, my two pet sheep, and, of course, Maverick. I like to spend my time with Maverick, reading and researching horse care and training, or anything to do with horses, really. I also enjoy reading, patchwork, playing and listening to music, and spending time with God through the Bible, prayer, and being out in His creation. The thoughts in my posts are a result of those special times with my God.

My God: Truly, God is my everything. He's my strength, courage, hope, joy, redeemer, and song. Most of all, He is my Father. Particularly since my earthly father has died, I have a greater dependence on my Father in heaven. He is so gentle, so loving, so wise, so understanding, so compassionate, so merciful, and so true. I can't imagine going through life without having the joy and hope that only God can bring.

Maverick: Maverick is a chestnut quarter horse gelding. He's about ten years old. His personality is soft, affectionate, and plain lovable - with a streak of cheeky naughtiness. He has had a lot of rough experiences in the past and needs a lot of patience in training. But it's so rewarding teaching a horse to do something and to know they trust you. I love him to bits.

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  1. Your horse sounds awesome! I've rode horses since I was little, so we have something in common!!! How long have you had him?